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list-1.jpgWooden house is kind of unique home, have high artistic value and it was heritage from our ancestor. Wooden house is easy and fast to build, it have low maintenance too.

Untitled-1.jpgGazebo also known as “Bale ” or “Bale bengong” in Bali, is an additional open wooden building for family outdoor activities. It could be fit in garden, backyard or pool side to enjoying the view.



Untitled-2.jpgHome design is the first thing that should be considered before building a house. Because you can not build anything without a draft.

Untitled-3.jpgRice barn also well known as “Jineng ” in Bali is a type of barn used for the storage and drying of harvested rice on the second floor and open bale on the lower level for family gathering.

Untitled-4.jpgFurniture is home furnishings which include items like chairs, tables and wardrobe. Furniture can make home become comfortable to rest, work and make home become ordinary home.

Untitled-5.jpgHouse component is materials used to build house like wood, rock, etc. To build a house the component must be strong and have best quality. So the house can stand for a long time.